New Delhi

Where does one start in a city like Delhi? Delhi has various Defence installations,  has the Safdarjung Airfield which is a civilian airfield that houses the Delhi Flying Club, Palam Airfield which houses both the International Airport as well as the Indian Air Force Station. the IAF's Air HQ at Vayu Bhavan,  The Head Quarters of Western Air Command and more.


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The big thunderbird - aka Sukhoi-7 can be seen at another location in Delhi. The Army Public School at the Ridge.

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Delhi Gnats2014The Gnat flight is back!  Vayu Bhawan's triumvirate of Gnats are now back on display after spending years in purgatory at the Air Force Museum in Palam.

The Tis Hazari Mystere IVa,  in the heart of Delhi, almost given up for dead a few years ago, has been resurrected - by unknown 'Responsible' parties. This is a feel good story for warbird enthusiasts..with latest photos from Dipalay Dey

Iskra W-1745 seen at the Shaheed Smarak Park in NOIDA.


Western Air Command HQ at Subroto Park has two warbirds displayed in a unique fashion. There is a Mystere and a Gnat mounted on pylons depicting an era from the 1965 War. A T-59 tank from Longewala too finds its place in the display area. In 2003, A Hunter was installed on a pylon in the Subroto Park area. This aircraft was previously held with the IAF Museum.

At last count Subroto Park had four warbirds - a Mystere, Gnat, Hunter and an Iskra on its premises.

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