Ladakh is more a land of dead aircraft than that of preserved Warbirds. It is common knowledge that over the decades many transport aircraft of the IAF had crashed in the mountainous terrain and some have never been found at all.

Naturally a search for warbirds will begin at the Ladakh Air Force Station, where a Hunter is displayed for posterity

The northern most point in India, where you can locate a 'warbird' is at Dras, near Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir. The scene of fierce fighting in 1999 between India and Pakistan, a MiG-21M keeps lone watch at the war memorial in tribute to the five Indian Air Force lives lost in that war. Beg Oldi is the northern most "Landing Ground" in the area of Ladakh. It has been a center of aviation activity in the 60s for supply dropping. An Mi-4 stands guard today at the landing ground.

Leh is the major airport in the Ladakh area in the north-eastern part of the state. With an airfiled located at over 10000 feet altitude, it is in regular use by the Indian Air Force as well as the civilian Indian Airlines. Over the years, many civil airlines have joined in the Leh circuit. The Indian Air Force had even based high performance jets like MiG-29s and Sukhoi-30s over the years.

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