Gwalior is the only major airbase in the central states of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. The Maharajpur AFS located on the outskirts of Gwalior is the home to the Mirage 2000 Squadrons, Nos 1 and 7. It has been so ever since the Mirages came to India. Both the squadrons belong to 40 Wing. Gwalior is also the home of TACDE, which is India's premier Combat Tactics School.

Click to Enlarge The War Memorial at Gwalior's Maharajpur Air Force Station. Pic Courtesy : Sanjay Simha

A Sukhoi-7 is preserved as an outdoor display at a roundabout at the Gwalior AFB.

Even though airfields exist at Raipur, Bhopal , Mhow etc , no warbirds have been reported yet from these areas. The College of Combat of the Indian Army is located at Mhow.

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