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Indian Express Nov 2006. Manu Pubby stirred a hornets nest by following up on our Sept's news story on the Me-109 that may have surfaced in the UK. His article (left) inspired a flurry of follow up articles in the main stream media. Click here for further articles onthe topic

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Indian Express Aug 2006. Rakesh Sinha and Shiv Aroor did a two page feature on my book - a two page spread. The feature triggered a series of articles by Marshal of the AF Arjan Singh and ACM Krishnaswamy which focussed the spot light again on the 1965 War. Talk about kicking up a storm in the main stream media! . Click here to read the feature

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Aeroplane Monthly August 2006. It never is too easy to just get yoru book reviewed by any magazine, let alone a British Aviation Magazine. But when that top British Historica Aviation Magazine (Atleast one of the two!) declares your book to be "BOOK OF THE MONTH" Then its an occassion!

Read more about the Aeroplane monthlys review of the Webmasters book  on the 1965 Air War.

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Print_Survivors2002_Cover.jpg (17734 bytes)Survivors 2002  by Rob Blewett reproduces a photo by Webmaster Jagan on the rear cover.  The photograph was the first 'sale' made on this website (and to this date - the only unsolicited one!)Print_Survivors2002.jpg (49563 bytes)

Flypast Apr 2006 has a report that reproduces two photographs from this site by Rahul Devnath.Flypast-May2006-Report.jpg (9148 bytes)

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