Nagpur_MiG23_00_Small An aerial view of the MiG-23 displayed just outside the Maintenance Command HQ Building. To the top left is a P-30 Radar (1965 Vintage) and to the right is an SA-2 Missile. Photo Courtesy: Rahul Devnath

Long ago, A HAL Gnat was installed at a place of pride in front of the Maintenance Command HQ Building at Vayu Sena Nagar. This aircraft was replaced by a MiG-23BN and was first reported by Ashit Chakraborty.This was aparently inagurated by Air Marshal S S Gupta, AOC-in-C Maintanance Command just prior to its retirement. The Gnat was then shifted and pole mounted elsewhere.

- This small photo from the Sainik Samachar magazine shows the recent MiG-23BN in front of Maint HQ Building.

The Photographs of the MiG-23BN that have surfaced apart from a small picture from the Sainik Samachar Journal are not great quality. The MiG-23 appears to be in Grey camo scheme as is the norm nowadays.


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