National Defence Academy

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The National Defence Academy at Khadakvasla , at the outskirts of a Pune is the alma mater of the officers of the defence forces. Here Officer Cadets undergo training for three years before they are allocated to the defence arms for further training. perhaps to create a motivating environs, the NDA Campus is dotted with War Relics - both aircraft as well as tanks.

Displayed at the Glider 'Drome'

One of the six surviving Foxbats was flown here on retirement.

KB732 01 SmallSometime prior to 2010 a Mikoyan MiG-29 [KB732] was installed on a pole at the NDA entrance gate at Pashan. It is one of the only two MiG-29s known to be gate guards in India. Air Marshal Subhash Bhojwani had contributed photographs of this aircraft from a recent visit to the Academy. 

Sudan Block is the Main building of NDA where the Gnat is located

A Mystere, Sea Hawk and a MiG-21FL

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