Eastern Air Command HQ at Shillong in Meghalaya state, has a MiG-21FL on display outside its HQ building. Since EAC extensively uses the FL even today from units like the OCU, the Rhinos which is a MOFTU, apparently one of the aircraft has found itself here. The picture reproduced here is from the IAF book 'Sentinels of the Sky'.

Located in Shillong, the Eastern Air Command HQ is a haven for several warbirds

The road opposite Eastern Air Command HQ in Shillong has a divider which is home to a rather low flying MiG-27M Flogger. The aircraft is on the road between the HQ building and the ALG.

In 2013, A DHC-3 Otter made an appearance at the Shillong Advanced Landing Ground, Opposite the road from the Eastern Air Command HQ.

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