Eastern Air Command HQ at Shillong in Meghalaya state, has a MiG-21FL on display outside its HQ building. Since EAC extensively uses the FL even today from units like the OCU, the Rhinos which is a MOFTU, apparently one of the aircraft has found itself here. The picture reproduced here is from the IAF book 'Sentinels of the Sky'.

In 2013, A DHC-3 Otter made an appearance at the Shillong Advanced Landing Ground, Opposite the road from the Eastern Air Command HQ.

The road opposite Eastern Air Command HQ in Shillong has a divider which is home to a rather low flying MiG-27M Flogger. The aircraft is on the road between the HQ building and the ALG.

Located in Shillong, the Eastern Air Command HQ is a haven for several warbirds

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