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A news article by Syam Nath on the website sheds some new light on the aircrafts displayed at Bal Bhavan in Trivandrum. While covering the background of Sea Hawk that is currently in place, it also sheds some tidbits on the Shorts Sealand that was displayed before the Sea Hawk. 


New Book Release!

It took us a really long time - eight years infact - to get our next book on the 1971 war published - presenting the history of the air war over the skies of Bangladesh. The book chronicles the entire operations of the Indian Air Force aircraft, comprising of MiG-21s, Hawker Hunters, Folland Gnats, English Electric Canberras and Sukhoi-7s over then East Pakistan.

ImageAtamvir Singh Multani over at Foxbat One Blog posted photos of wreckage of an Antonov-12. While we have seen this wreck photos earlier, we havent been able to identify its origins. Atamvir now reports that the wreckage was from An-12 BL536 that was written off at Chandigarh in 1961 after its nosegear collapsed.

Tigermoth HU512 debuts over the Delhi Skies on 6th October 2012 during the rehearsal flights for the Air Force Day at Hindan. The Indian Air Force released several photographs of the aircraft  during the rehearsals. The Tigermoth has been now re-painted in Indian Air Force markings. 

vaf01The Indian Air Force's Tigermoth takes to the air in the United Kingdom

This photograph (courtesy of Air Marshal S Bhojwani) shows the Indian Air Force Vintage Flight's De Havilland Tigermoth on its post-restoration flight in the United Kingdom. The aircraft has been fully restored by ReFlight UK, an aircraft restoration company that was awarded the contract to put the Vintage Flights Tigermoth, Harvard, Vampire and Spitfire back into the air.  

Google Earth SnapFor years the identity of the Dakota in Yelahanka was a mystery. A recent tender ad, announcing its auction reveals its origins - but puts its fate in balance..

The nth iteration of the War Relics Website is now online - with a feature on the Cavalry Tank Museum at Ahmednagar.

A Mystere is crumbling in the back alleys of New Delhi, while a Gnat returns back to its 'home' at Vayu Bhavan.

A new museum is coming up outside the Cochin International Airport. Despite some ambitious plans, only one Iskra aircraft has been confirmed to be an exhibit as of now. 

Gnat E-1982 on display outside a cultural center in Kozhikode has been restored by a group of Indian Air Force Veterans. The restoration began in August 2010 and was completed on Air Force Day 2010. Two Newsreports in this regard are reproduced here.

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After many years of speculation, Rare Aero Ltd of UK had addressed the elephant in the room by releasing the following statement on various Aviation Forums.  Noted historian Andy Saunders was contacted by Rare Aero Ltd to release it to the public.

The Statement acknowledges for the first time that the aircraft is in UK in the Channel Islands and also makes several sensational statements. These include claims that it was approached by people offering it services that would ensure it is covered up in India ... for a fee.


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