A WoI Report - August 2001

Believe it or not, A Hawker Hurricane is believed to be on display in Patna in the state of Bihar!. How reliable is this report? News of this aircraft surfaced in a recent issue of Aeroplane Magazine, which reported, a "derlict Hurricane on display near a tea shop. It was falling to pieces already.." . This passing reference to a Hurricane sighting also mentioned the time and year as 1973. Seems like a long shot isn't it?

Is this aircraft still there? Discussions on the now defunct Warbirds Worldwide Forum mentioned that this was Hawker Hurricane Mk I Serial No. V-6846. Now we would like to hear something about this reported treasure from anyone living in Patna. We are quite sceptical as its been twenty eight years now.

If some Patnavasi can give us some info on the aircraft, like where it was located, fate, if still there, better yet...a couple of photographs would clinch the deal for the warbird discovery of the year. (Which by the way is currently held by the Prentice in Chennai)

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