A WoI Report - September 2001

The aircraft acquired from the Benares Hindu University by Peter Vacher of UK, was a rare Vintage Hawker Hurricane I. There are less than thirty surviving airframes and the acquisition of this aircraft by Mr. Vacher is a coup of sorts as the Hawker Hurricane is a much sought after aircraft in the Warbird Market. The aircraft is now registered as G-HUPW in the UK register. Its original serial number is stated to be R4118 and its construction number is G592301.

Apparently the BHU never had a clue on the goldmine it had in its hands! This aircraft never served with the Indian Air Force, spending its entire time with the Royal Air Force before being gifted to the Unviersity. There is only one other confirmed Hawker Hurricane airframe in India, AB832 is on display at the Indian Air Force Museum.

Though the disposal of such a rare airframe by BHU may seem like a loss to the aviation heritage of the country, It should be noted that considering its state of neglect and deterioration at the BHU Campus, it was for the better that the Hurricane is now in the hands of a good restorer.

The discovery of the Hurricane and subsequent acquisition gives a new filip to vintage aircraft collectors of the world regarding the possiblity of more such uncovering of similar rare aircraft.

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