12 Feb 2010: A very early example of a MiG-21 that served in the Indian Air Force has been re-discovered.  Sandesh Kanchan (aka ghostrider) had correctly identified the MiG-21 displayed in Artillery Center Deolali  as an early MiG-21 PF (Type 76).

Previously the aircraft was reported as a MiG-21FL. Sandesh noticed that the fin on the aircraft appeared to be of shorter chord than the typical FL - and a leading edge extension like feature at the fin/spine joint further cements the type identification.

Deolali MiG01_Small

The MiG-21 PF (Type 76) as seen at the Officers Mess at School of Artillery, Deolali near Nasik. Photo: Sandeep Unnithan

The photograph on the left, sent to us right back in the days that this site was started was provided by Sandeep Unnithan.

Type 76s had a very short career in the IAF - very few numbers were inducted between 1965 and 67, before full fledged production of the Type 77 (the MiG-21 FL) took over. It is believed the few Type 76s that served all carried "BC" prefixed serials - with a few that were upgraded with new engines shedding the "B" prefix.

With this particular identification, this is only the second PF in existence in India. The first one was identified a few years ago in Ozhar by Simon Watson of UK on a visit to HAL Ozhar.

Update 2012-01-10

The aircraft's identity has been revealed as BC827, the last of the six Type-76 MiG-21PFs inducted just before the 65 War - Info courtesy - Linescriber


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