The Indian Air Force's Tigermoth takes to the air in the United Kingdom

The above photograph (courtesy of Air Marshal S Bhojwani) shows the Indian Air Force Vintage Flight's De Havilland Tigermoth on its post-restoration flight in the United Kingdom. The aircraft has been fully restored by ReFlight UK, an aircraft restoration company that was awarded the contract to put the Vintage Flights Tigermoth, Harvard, Vampire and Spitfire back into the air. (See Reflight's work with the vintage flight at this link

Its a long journey for the Tigermoth. Four years ago in 2008, the CO of the Vintage Flight and his team, helped by Mike Edwards of UK (Who also is a Test Pilot) did pioneering work on the stored Tigermoth. Its first engine run in years has been captured on youtube.

The aircraft will be repainted in Indian Air Force markings and will be flown during the October 8th Indian Air Force Anniversary Flypast.

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