Atamvir Singh Multani over at Foxbat One Blog posted photos of wreckage of an Antonov-12. While we have seen this wreck photos earlier, we havent been able to identify its origins. Atamvir now reports that the wreckage was from An-12 BL536 that was written off at Chandigarh in 1961 after its nosegear collapsed.



There are several other photographs of this wreckage over at the blog which as per Atamvir:

This particular wreck belongs to BL536 

Export Number of this aircraft is 02 4 005 and construction number is 090 16 03 ,was registered BL536 with IAF.
It burnt out its landing gear while landing at Chandigarh on 5th August 1961.
The wreckage consists of a pair of the Horizontal Stabilizers which belong to BL536 (Verified) and the starboard wing with a part of the engine cowls. The damage analysis of the wing reveals the intensity of crash wasn’t large however fuel valves, flap slots etc are broken.

This particular has not been recorded earlier - crew names are not available and the year of the crash appears to be during the very early days of the induction of the An-12. Enough reason to speculate that his crash happened perhaps during its induction/delivery flights into India? Keep tuned into this story.



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