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It took us a really long time - eight years infact - to get our next book on the 1971 war published - presenting the history of the air war over the skies of Bangladesh. The book chronicles the entire operations of the Indian Air Force aircraft, comprising of MiG-21s, Hawker Hunters, Folland Gnats, English Electric Canberras and Sukhoi-7s over then East Pakistan.

In December 1971 Bangladesh was born. Its birthing was among the mostpainful of any new nation: it had suffered a brutal genocide conductedby its former countrymen from West Pakistan, and a war for liberationfought between the indigenous Mukti Bahini (Liberation Army) and theIndian Armed Forces on one side, and the West Pakistani Armed Forceson the other. Open war broke out on the Western and Eastern fronts inDecember 1971. The war ended quickly, with the West Pakistani Army surrendering in Dacca two weeks later. A significant factor in facilitating the Indian Army's rapid progress to Dacca was the Indian Air Force(IAF) which proved itself to be a formidable fighting force. Eagles over Bangladesh: The Indian Air Force in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War recounts the IAF offensive over Bangladesh, commencing with the raids on Dacca on the first day of the war, and moving on to the final coup de grace delivered on the Governors House in Dacca. It aims to fill in the gaps regarding a military conflict that took place almost four decades ago.

This book narrates the story of the Indian Air Force in the operations over the Eastern Sector. Drawing on interviews with Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani veterans, it tells the story of the air war as never before with exclusive photographs and previously unpublished research.


The book is available in a limited run Hardbound edition.


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