Every once in a while I take stock of where we are in terms of the Warbird Census that this site maintains. Here is an analysis at the end of 2014.

As of today, the Warbirds Census lists 528 aircraft overall. This list has been trimmed by removing atleast a dozen airframes which were previously reported as derelicts or wrecks - because of the unpredictability of their long term existence.

Of the 528 aircraft on the list, the top ten types account for nearly 331 of the examples. 

These types are

HAL Gnat 69
MiG-21 54
MiG-23  44
Hawker Hunter 30
HAL HT-2 28
PZL TS-11 Iskra 26
Sukhoi-7 23
HAL HF-24 Marut 23
Douglas Dakota 17
BAe Canberra 17

The Gnat maintains its dominance - The MiG-21 has slowly creeped upward at 54. Its the MiG-23 that has really made an appearance in droves in the past few years - no surprise because of the dozens of the type that were retired once the MFs and BNs were phased out. And more MiG-23s are predicted to find their way into the preservation scene.

MiG-27 number around 8. and there are two MiG-29s surviving. 

On this site:

Of the 528 aircraft in our census, nearly 270 aircraft can be viewed on this site.  Add to this about 40 aircraft that are not featured here but belong to the IAF museum, this leaves just over 200 aircraft that need to be photographed and featured.

Geographical Coordinates - Google Maps:

Of the 528 aircraft, 407 aircraft have their co-ordinates known or have been pin-pointed on Google Maps..Many of the place holders are seen on this site. A few more are known but are not marked because they are stored indoors.. . Someday we will come out with a mobile app that shows location of nearest warbirds?  (Seriously if you have what it takes to write a mobile app that works with Google Maps.. contact me - I will pay you! - something)

Thank you Google Maps:

Google Maps helped us pinpoint 34 warbirds that we have not known about before.. 

Are there anymore "Warbird Discoveries"?

Yes there are.. but we have ceased publishing them because - more often than not, they become targets for acquisiton once their existence is pointed out.. we dont want another Messerchmitt from India fiasco.. do we?.. which brings us to another question...

Is there another Messerschmitt in India?

Umm....No comments...?

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