Uttarlai airfield was first set up just before the 71 War. It was one of the forward airfields that provided facilities to the HF-24 Maruts, Gnats, Hunters and MiGs during the war. The airfield continued in service even after the war and is today a major airbase. The HF-24 Maruts flew for the first time in combat from this airbase. Today an example of the HF-24 can be seen as the gate guardian at the Airbase.

Click to EnlargeThe Uttarlai War Memorial dedicated to Flt Lt P V Apte. The Hawker Hunter can be seen in the background. Pic Courtesy : Indian Air Force.

A Hawker Hunter is also displayed at the Uttarlai War Memorial. This commemorates the role the airbase played in the 1971 War and is dedicated to Flt Lt P V Apte of 221 Squadron who lost his life flying from this airbase.

Aircraft TypeSerial NoRemarks
HAL HF-24 Marut-NA-Gate Gaurdian Uttarlai.
Hawker Hunter -NA-Displayed at Warmemorial
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