December 4, 2023
A new MiG-23UM surfaces in Jorhat - Courtesy of Gp Capt T K Singha

 The following photograph was provided by Gp Capt T K Singha, PRO, Eastern Army Command.  The aircraft, a rare MiG-23UM two seat trainer is on display somewhere in the Army Cantonemnt in Jorhat Town.

 The IAF procured about 20 trainers during the early years following up with another batch of ten or so aircraft in the 90s. As of May 2016, this is the third example of the MiG-23UM known to have been preserved in the country.  Some of the UMs are still in active service. 

The aircraft as seen is displayed on pedestals, with no undercarraige visible, but the ventral fin extended.  Photo Copyright : Gp Capt T K Singha

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