June 1, 2023

A good number of Public Schools have been gifted with retired aircraft. The Airforce School, the Army Public School , Modern School being some of them. Modern School on the Barakhamba Road very near to Connaught Place has a Hawker Hunter (BA-241) on display opposite their school building.

Port View of the Hunter BA 241 at Modern School, Bara Khamba Road. The aircraft is complete in all aspects externally.
Click to Enlarge This front three quarters view shows the neat profile of the Hunter. The Inlet covers are in place, but the Jet exhaust cover is missing, making it into a litter bin. To take permission for taking this pictures, I had to go through four of the schools officials, all the way to the Principal. who finally OKayed the request.

The aircraft was presented to the School by Air Chief Marshal S K Mehra before his retirement. ACM Mehra is an alumni of this school. The Hunter is in quite good condition for all its exposure to the elements.

The aircraft was previously known to have been flying with the No.20 Squadron ‘Lightnings’ as recently as the early 90s. It makes a brief appearance in the Indian Air Force’s Diamond Jubilee film ‘Salt of the Earth‘. The aircraft was installed here in April 1991.

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A close up of the Front part of the Hunter shows the three plaques adorning the Hunter. The Black one on the right is a commemorative one signifying the handing over of the aircraft by ACM S K Mehra. The white on under the nose lists the aircraft’s history. finally a small placard attached to the front nose wheel strut explains the role of a Maintenance Wing in transporting and erecting this aircraft at this school.

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