April 14, 2024
CU2106 is a the third Bison - and the sixth warbird in Subroto Park.. with the Army Hospital R&R

Thanks to a recent tip from Prateek Tayal, the existence of a third Bison on public display has been confirmed. The Army Hospital – Research and Referral, is located in Subroto Park enclave in Dhaula Kuan in New Delhi.

The hospital has on display a MiG-21 Bison [CU2106] mounted on a pole at the gate. This is the sixth warbird up for show in the Subroto Park enclave.

MiG-21 Bison CU2106 at Army Hospital Research and Referral in New Delhi. In this view, the lack of the integral above wing Chaff Launchers is evident. Photo by Ajay Kumar Rana /Google Maps

CU2106 is unusual in that it lacks the overwing integral Chaff/Flare launcher enclosures that are a distinctive feature for the Bison Variant. 

MiG-21 Bison CU2106 at the Army Hospital Research and Referral, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. Photo by AMIT YADAV / Google Maps

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