April 15, 2024

During the early years, the IN used Sikorsky S-55s, an Mi-4 and the improved Alloutte III, now known as Chetak in India. Soon the Chetaks formed a Squadron INAS 321 at Goa in 1969. Allouttes saw service in great numbers – one flight even going to Antartica.

Chetak IN-475 on display without its main rotor blades, engine and the tail rotor blades.

Over the years more than fifty Alloutte IIIs saw service with the Navy. A number were lost on operations. One Chetak however has found its way to the Museum. IN-475 is displayed in the museum, sans its tail rotor and main rotor blades. The engine is displayed in the engine gallery at the main entrance. The Helicopter doors are left open to enable the visitors to get a look inside. The aircraft does not sport the roundels as it was still in the process of getting a new paint job.

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