March 5, 2024
Sainik School Kunjpura in Haryana is home to two warbirds, a decently maintained Ajeet, and a MiG-23BN whose display is deemed to be wrong.. just wrong...

Sainik School Kunjpura is one of the first five schools established by the Sainik Schools Society, New Delhi in 1961, thus one of the oldest Sainik Schools in existence. The school is located at Kunjpura Road, Karnal District, Kunjpura, Haryana 132023, India. Their website is at

The school has two warbirds on display on its premises. An Ajeet and a MiG-23BN

Ajeet sports the number “E-1978” which may or may not be the actual number.

The MIG-23BN on display is painted all silver and only the numbers on the nosewheel gear “206” gives a clue on its identity.

While the aircraft looks normal from the ground up, a closer look reveals something odd – as noted in this tweet..

There you have it, when the aircraft was assembled, the airmen on each side probably thought “Not my job” and left the port wing is at mid sweep and the starboard wing at full sweep. It’s almost as if the aircraft is signaling its intent to turn left!

Photos Courtesy of Sainik School Kunjpura Google Maps page

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