March 5, 2024

Indian Air Force – Attrition



This section of the website is dedicated to the hundreds of pilots and aircrew of the Indian Air Force, Indian Army , Indian Navy and Coast Guard Aviation wings, who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty , training rigorously in peace time and in exercises, in flying humanitarian and relief missions to their colleagues in the worst of terrain and conditions, and who have remained unacknowledged and unsung, except in the memories of their beloved.


Click Here for Indian Air Force Aircraft losses 1932-Till Date

The Aircraft attrition section has its root in my IAF Attrition section that has been hosted on my tripod site years back. I had over the years collected attrition info related to the Indian Air Force in quite some detail, and have built upon with some information on other air forces as well.
From the links on the left – you can access the various sections. First and foremost is the Indian Air Force Attrition section post 1947 which has over 900 records.
The predecessor of both the Airforces, The Royal Indian Air Force losses are also listed in seperate link , these numbers nearly 300.