March 5, 2024
Two HT-2s are pole mounted near the Parade Ground
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Two views of HAL HT-2 IX-502 pole mounted at the Parade Ground. The aircraft is tethered to the ground with steel cables. The engine has been removed.

Two of the aircraft pole mounted at the parade ground of the AFTC are two HAL HT-2s mounted at a steep angle on poles. Both HT-2s are essentially pointed in the same direction, though not close to each other. They are seperated from each other by the pair of PZL Iskras, which are also pole mounted.

The AFTC has a total of three HT-2s on its inventory. All of them were in taxiable condition till the late 80s/early 90s, being used for training purposes at the college.

When in 2005, it was decided to exhibit various aircraft at the Parade ground, two of the HT-2s were selected to be mounted on poles at the backdrop of the ground.

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HAL HT-2 IX-506 pole mounted on the opposite side at the Parade Ground. The aircraft is tethered to the ground with steel cables as well. Note the mannequins in the cockpit.

IX-502 and IX-509, both have had short careers with the IAF. According to the information board at the college, both aircraft have approx 350 hours of flying each on their logs.

Both aircraft had thier engines removed and were mounted on steep angles on poles. The mounting was initially supposed to have been carried out by a private firm, but ultimately was done by an RSU of the IAF itself.

Click to Enlarge Close up of the cockpit of HAL HT-2 IX-506 shows two ‘crew members’ – mannequins in flying overalls and helmets placed in the aircraft.

An interesting touch with both aircraft (As well as the Iskras) are that the cockpits are not empty. Both seats are occupied with two mannequins in flying overalls and helmets. look carefully and you will see they are wearing scooter helmets, but from a distance, it does not really matter. Full marks to whoever thought about it in the first place.

The third HT-2 IX-472 is there with AFTC but is held by the college for training purposes. We have not been able to see this particular aircraft.

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