April 14, 2024
Two Iskras form the main backdrop at the Parade Ground
The twin Iskra display form the main backdrop of the Parade ground at AFTC. W-1776 and W-1767 were pole mounted by the AFTC’s in house personnel.

As soon as the Iskras were retired at Hakimpet in December 2004, A number of the withdrawn Iskras have been earmarked for various IAF establishments by Training Command. A number of these landed up in Bangalore.

AFTC Jalahalli recieved two Iskras in early 2005 and both were in ground running condition. Both the aircraft, W-1767 and W-1776 were mounted on poles in diverging paths at the College’ Parade Ground. The Commandant was heard commenting that someone at Training Command HQ must have had some sense of humour – as the two digit numbers on the nose are inverse of each other – 67 and 76!

Click to Enlarge Iskra W-1776 seen here was in flyable condition till recently.
The second Iskra W-1767 clearly shows the two ‘dummies’ in the cockpit of the aircraft. The aircraft was on standby for the final flypast on its phasing out day. Click to Enlarge

Though initially a private company was sought to be contracted to mount these aircraft, the requested quote for the services turned out to be too high. Ulitmately both the aircraft were mounted by the personnel of the college itself, saving themselves quite a bundle.

As with the display of the HT-2s, both aircraft have mannequins in the cockpit with scooter helmets to simulate occupied cockpits. As with pole mounted aircraft, the engines have been removed – probably stored somewhere else for instructional purposes.

Click to Enlarge Another view of W-1767 shows the top surfaces of the wing.

These are not the only two Iskras in this area. The neighbouring unit at Jallahali, Air Force Station Jalahalli (West) was also given two Iskras for preservation / display.

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