March 4, 2024
..and some HT-2s as well...
The Bangalore Military School on Hosur Road has this HT-2 on display at its playground. The aircraft can be seen from the main road.

A walk down the Hosur road takes you past the Bangalore Military School. The School was established in 1946 to provide CBSE schooling to children of defence personnel. Its original name was King George Royal Indian Military College, Bangalore. In 1952 the name was shortened to “King George’s School”. The school cadets were appearing for Senior Cambridge Examination until 1962. In 1962 it got affiliation to ICSE and in 1966 it acquired its present name “Military School Bangalore”.

The school has a dilapidated HT-2 on display on its playing ground. The aircraft is visible from the main road, as the military school’s walls are not ‘tall’ enough to block the view. Even though the aircraft is at a distance, it is quite clear that the canopy perspex seem to have been broken in places.

The aircraft is barely visible from a lane perpendicular to the Hosur road, which lets one have a glimpse of the aircraft’s serial number. A walk down the lane confirmed that the aircraft was IX-482 .

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