April 14, 2024
Sporting 'fake' IAF roundels
The IAF roundels and the finflash on the Pushpak can clearly be seen in this photograph. Note the ejection seat and dummy pilot in the foreground.

The other civilian aircraft on display in Hall 2 is the HAL HUL-26 Pushpak. The Pushpak on display sports the IAF Markings similar to the one on Basant, even though the IAF never operted it. No clue on the identity of the aircraft is known as no markings in terms of a registration or serial number are visible.

The HAL Pushpak is in very good condition. A Few of the civilian Pushpaks served with the Army during the 1965 War, and a good number are still in service with numerous flying clubs around the country. Click to Enlarge

The aircraft being close to the huge panaromic window is in an excellent position to be photographed due to the light coming in. The aircraft rests on small metal tripods that are designed to lift the weight off the tyres of the aircraft.

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