April 23, 2024
Another non-HAL aircraft

The third civilian aircraft on display with the museum was a recent addition. The prototype of the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) Hansa II , an all composite low wing light plane aimed at flying clubs was recently unvielled in the first quarter of 2002. The NAL is India’s premier civil Research and Development establishment for aeronautics. NAL had developed the Hansa which is currently being produced by HAL as the version III. A total of eight examples have been built till date and more are being built.

The NAL Hansa II is an all composite aircraft meant for civilian clubs. The Hansa on display at the HAL museum is VT-XIW. Photo Courtesy : B Harry

The aircraft on display VT-XIW was the first prototype of the Hansa II. It first flew in November 93 and flew a total of 128 hours of test flying before it was ‘retired’. NAL then donated the aircraft to HAL for display here. The Hansa is the ‘newest’ aircraft here.

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