March 4, 2024
Training Command HQ has an interesting 'formation' on poles
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HAL HT-2 [IX-743] on display at the Training Command HQ is one of the few Lycoming versions preserved in the country. Pic Courtesy : Sanjay Simha

Sometime after the retirement of the Iskras in late 2004, A number of Iskras were allocated to different establishments by Training Command HQ. It was only natural that the HQ itself recieved one example sometime in 2005.

W-1773 was installed near the main gate. The HT-2 was earlier sllghtly adjusted in its attiude and position. Both the aircraft were arranged in a manner that it appears that the HT-2 is in a tail chase with the Iskra – a very imaginative display by IAF standards.

Click to Enlarge Iskra [W-1773] seen at TC HQ. Photo Copyright : Wg Cdr Joseph Thomas (Retd).
A side view of Iskra [W-1773]. Photo Copyright : Wg Cdr Joseph Thomas (Retd). Click to Enlarge

Unlike the AFTC Iskra’s which are rather too steeply mounted, this example is mounted at a more shallow attitude, and a more natural one. However, no mannequins in the cockpit are there, even though there are ejection seats still remaining in the cockpit.

Click to Enlarge A close up of Iskra [W-1773] cockpit shows the ejection seats are still in the aircraft. the canopy is not protected against the sunlight and may soon turn opaque if not protected for. Photo Copyright : Wg Cdr Joseph Thomas (Retd).

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