March 5, 2024
Warbirds of Bijapur : A WW2 era Harvard is the centerpiece of the the Sainik School

Sainik School Bijapur is one of the 25 Sainik Schools of India. Established by the Government of India in 1963, the main aim of the school is to prepare boys to join the armed forces. Sainik School Bijapur is located in the district Bijapur, Karnataka, India. The campus spreads across 400+ acres of land, with all the facilities for the students.

Two views of the Sainik School main building in Bijapur, showing the Harvard parked in front of it. The Harvard was till recently the only warbird on display at the school.

For years, the sole warbird on display at SS Bijapur was a Yellow painted Harvard displayed in front of the main building. At the time of the installation, there wasnt much greenery on the ground and it was clearly visible from miles away.

Two more views of the yellow painted Harvard at SS Bijapur.

The Harvard unfortunately does not carry an identifying tail number – or atleast any number that is visible in the photographs we have seen.

All Photos Courtesy of Sainik School Bijapur

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