March 4, 2024
Kapil Chandni writes about an encounter on the road

IN-172 was in extremely good condition, and it was displayed on a concrete platform in a flying position. Out of reach of the common people, yet in close view, the mode of display is ideal.

The aircraft had droptanks and even two dummy rockets underneath its wings. The Cockpit ofcourse seemed sanitised, with everything removed.

Click to Enlarge The clean lines of the Sea Hawk are very much evident in this view of IN-172 from the front . The aircraft is at Pallady, on the road to Salem. Pic by: Kapil Chandni

Perhaps to preserve the identity of the aircraft, the serial number was painted in large numbers on the front fuselage. This sort of identity was never carried by serving Sea Hawks. A Small plaque on the concrete platform gives the date of installation of the aircraft there.

I am trying to trace this particular aircraft’s history. From traversing the world on that Queen of the Indian Ocean ,the INS Vikrant to a quite retirement in a Cochin suburb,it has been an interesting journey for IN 172 to say the least.

If only airplanes could talk…..all of us would be enthralled listeners.

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