April 14, 2024
A derelict WW2 "Warbird" slated for preservation.
Auster 9 VT-DCU lying in the Bombay Flying Club minus its propellor. The doors are stowed in the rear.

Certainly the star among the derelicts of the flying club at Juhu is the Auster Mk9 VT-DCU which is lying in the hangar where the other derelicts are stored. VT-DCU is registered to one Capt Gajinder Singh Shahi of Delhi. The aircraft looks quite intact , though the propellor hub and blades are missing for some time. Many of the instruments are not there but a small board installed in the cockpit announces the ownership of Mr. Shahi.

The nose view of the Auster. Note the doors lying in the right side of the frame. Click to Enlarge

This is the only other Auster surviving in India besides the aircraft reportedly preserved at the Artillery Center museum at Deolali. It has been told to us that the Army Aviation Corps is interested in procuring this aircraft and is planning to restore it to airworthy status. No Update was available as of 2009. WoI will keep our visitors posted on its progress.

Full credit to Kapil Chandni of Mumbai for discovering this rare bird!

The cockpit panel is missing almost all the instruments. Click to Enlarge

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