December 11, 2023
A "missing" WW2 era warbird is now reported to be "alive" and well preserved! - a DH-82 Tigermoth in the heart of Mumbai is on proper display and is believed to be only the sixth confirmed Tiggie in existence in India. Update: More Walkaround Pictures!

Many years ago, when this site was set up, Kapil Chandni, then our Bombay correspondent visited the Nehru Science Center and was told that they had a DeHavilland Tigermoth in their collection that was not yet ready for display but was undergoing some sort of restoration. We duly reported its existence in the Mumbai Overview Page.

For years we awaited its appearance – but there was no sign of this Tigermoth. Reluctantly the Tigermoth was moved from our Warbirds listing to an “Unconfirmed List”.

But now thanks to Malcolm Filmore and Philip Camp of Air Britain, a photograph of a  Tigermoth on display at the Nehru Science center has surfaced.

According to Malcolm, this Tigermoth is now displayed on an elevated pedestal inside the Science Center and as can be seen in the photographs – does not carry any identifying markings. The spurious “DH82” identification adorns the tail.

The confirmation of this Tigermoth’s existence makes its the sixth reported Tiggie in existence in India.

2015 May Update:

Towards the end of May, The WoI team (Note – the Webmaster and his Mumbai driver) both visited Nehru Science Center. After touring the entire Center – all six floors going up and down, they located the Aerospace Hall. (Note.. next time just go right at the main entrance). The Hall ofcourse had the Tigermoth, a Caravelle engine and a few other exhibits.  Following are the photographs of the Tigermoth in good detail.

Photo Courtesy: Malcolm Filmore via Philip Camp . Kapil Chandni for providing the transportation and local guide services

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