April 21, 2024

Quick Check – How many of the majestic Boeing 707s operated by Air-India are preserved in the country?

Ans : Zero.. not one of the airframes has survived. there are two airframes in service with the Aviation Research Center that may get retired or scrapped at some point but no representation exists of this civilian aircraft in India.

Air-India is on its way to repeating that mistake by retiring or scrapping all its Boeing 747s. All the 747s are retired – and only three airframes survive at Sahar airport – Mumbai International Airport.

This report talks about appointing a marketing firm to get rid of its last four 747-400s These are VT-ESO, VT-ESP, VT-EVA, and VT-EVB, all of them parked at Mumbai airport at that time.

All four of them can still be seen at the airport. The first one is VT-EVB, Velha Goa, seen below is seen

Velha Goa / VT-EVB holds a special place for me as it was one of the first Boeing 747s that I ever flew in as a passenger way back in 2000. Just about the time this website was started.

Additionally, two other Boeing 747s can be seen parked at the Air-India hangars. The last one is parked at a bay on the opposite side of these aircraft which is next to the T2 Terminal.

It’s lamentable that not one Boeing 747 airframe will be preserved in the country.

The only relics include the cockpit of one of the 747s that was scrapped in the 2000s, which is currently with the Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology in Kandavalli East in Mumbai. The cockpit was originally in the classic Air-India scheme but has since been repainted in school colours.

Acknowledgements : Pranav Gayatri for providing information on the Boeing 747 Cockpit at the Thakur Institute

3 thoughts on “The Boeing 747s at Sahar

  1. The cockpit of the 747, sits at the thakur institute of aviation technology in kandivali east, mumbai. I have been inside the cockpit and it have been preserved quite well, except for the exterior paint of course. Hopefully someone at air india will think wisely and save an airframe of this iconic aircraft rather than scraping it, maybe even displaying it at the airport entrance itself

  2. How can the country ever come up in science, technology and manufacturing? How do we spur forward the imagination and the thought processes of the younger generations towards science and engineering when we throw away such golden opportunities of setting up aviation museums whose exhibits are already in our possession? Why do we always interest ourselves overwhelmingly with the static worth of anything in terms of money? Why do we not look at opportunities like this in terms of their dynamic worth in terms of the money they can generate if they were out to use appropriately rather than merely sold? Why don’t we exercise our capacity for cognition to be able to discern the endless amounts of subtle education and fillip museums provide to spur us further on in the fields of science, technology, commerce and trade?

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