April 21, 2024
India's only floating aviation museum
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Sea Hawk IN-246 was stored in the Hangar of the Vikrant since years, before it was moved to the Deck for the unvieling during the Navy Week. A Naval Officer checks the aircraft on the flight deck of the Vikrant. The aircraft has a Mannequin in flight gear inside the cockpit. Pic Courtesy : Sandeep Unnithan
Sea Hawk IN-188 is in the hangar of the Vikrant. Complete with ejection seat, the aircraft is in very good condition. Pic Courtesy : Saurabh Lele Click to Enlarge

Even before the Vikrant has been fully converted into a museum, the Indian Navy had stationed some vintage aircraft in the carrier’s hangar, to give the occasional visitor a taste of what is to come. Sea Hawk [IN-246] was the first occupant in the ship.

Click to Enlarge Breguet Alize IN-209 underwent restoration by the Navy along with help from HAL before being bought over here. The aircraft is in excellent condition and is displayed with its Arrestor Hook latched onto the Arrestor Cable of the Vikrant. Note the Cobra Emblem (No 310 INAS) on the chin of the aircraft. Pic Courtesy : Sandeep Unnithan
Breguet Alize IN-212 was bought to the Vikrant much later and added to the collection. It is displayed just next to the massive Ski Jump used by the Harrier jump jets. Pic Courtesy : Sandeep Unnithan
Aircraft Type Serial No Remarks
AW Sea Hawk IN-246 Vikrant Hangar
AW Sea Hawk IN-188 Vikrant flight deck
Breguet Alize IN-209 Vikrant flight deck
Breguet Alize IN-212 Vikrant flight deck

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