April 14, 2024
Various Helicopters on the Vikrant

The Navy now has a unique collection of aircraft, besides the one at the Naval Aviation Museum, Goa. The aircraft to be seen are two Breguet Alizes, and the the Sea Kings. The Alize was restored by the Navy and HAL at Cochin and bought over here.

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Westland Seaking Mk 42 IN-510 is on display inside the Hangar with its tailboom in a stowed position, and its main rotor all “tied up”. Note the Crew

The Sea King helicopters are from the original batch acquired in 1970 which have been retired sometime back. They are still in their original dark blue color schemes. Two of them are on the Vikrant , and both are Ex-330 Harpoons Squadron.

This Westland Seaking Mk 42a IN-511 was one of the Sea Kings originally acquired in 1970 in the first batch. This is the third example of a Mk 42a that has been noticed in the recent days. Another example is on display inside the Hangar and one is an exhibit at the HAL Museum in Bangalore. Note the emblem of No.330 Harpoon NAS on the nose. Pic Courtesy : Sandeep Unnithan Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge HAL Chetak IN-464 on the deck lift of the Vikrant undergoing last minute checks with the Navy crew . The Chetak is from No.321 Angels Naval Air Squadron. Pic Courtesy : Sandeep Unnithan

The Vikrant was open for public from Dec 1st, 2001 to Dec 10th 2001. Currently it is being operated as a floating museum by the Navy itself. [with inputs from Kapil Chandni , Saurabh Lele and Sandeep Unnithan]

HAL Chetak IN-464 Vikrant flight deck lift
Westland Sea King 42a IN-511 Vikrant flight deck
Westland Sea King 42a IN-510 Vikrant Hangar

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