April 21, 2024

A rare Sukhoi-7U two seater trainer version is doing gate guardian duty at Ozhar's 11 Base Repair Depot

Ozhar continues its reputation as being home to some of the rare warbirds one gets to see around India.  We already mentioned about the examples of the Type 76s, the last Bis example of a MiG-21 ever built and a MiG-29 at one point of time. Being added to this collection is an example of a trainer variant of the Sukhoi-7BMK. 11 BRD has a Sukhoi-7U type trainer at the entrance gate.

Sukhoi-7 U, the two seater variant displayed as a gate guardian at the entrance to 11 BRD.  

A shot from the rear shows the identity of the Sukhoi as U877. A possible veteran of the 71 operations. (Though trainer variants did not take part in any offensive missions).

First reported by Phil Camp during his visit to Ozhar, Photographs of the aircraft only came to light recently.  The aircraft is displayed in standard grey paint. The only other Sukhoi-7U known to exist (as of Jan 2015) is in at Chabua.

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