May 31, 2023

Located in Shillong, the Eastern Air Command HQ is a haven for several warbirds

The Eastern Air Command HQ at Shillong has this MiG-21FL on display. Pic Courtesy: Indian Air Force – Sentinels of the Sky

Eastern Air Command HQ at Shillong in Meghalaya state, has a MiG-21FL on display outside its HQ building. Since EAC extensively uses the FL even today from units like the OCU, the Rhinos which is a MOFTU, apparently one of the aircraft has found itself here. The picture reproduced here is from the IAF book ‘Sentinels of the Sky’.

HAL Ajeet on display at the EAC HQ. Pic Courtesy: EAC Website -
Click to Enlarge Another view of the Ajeet at the front gate. Photo Courtesy: Rishi Tandon

There is also another aircraft at EAC HQ, A HAL Ajeet which is mounted on a pole pedestal. The photo seen here is from the EAC website. From the aerial view of the EAC HQ building, the Ajeet is not seen in any picture. So it is assumed that the aircraft must be further away near the gate or something.

Type S No Status
MiG-21FL C-??? Eastern Air Command HQ.
HAL Ajeet E???? Gate Guardian

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