December 4, 2023
Sept 2006: Sandeep Unnithan reports that the Warbirds at the Akash mess are to be relocated elsewhere. A new MiG-21 nose has been added as a display inside the main building.

Plus reports of a MiG-21 Nose inside the mess.

The MiG-21 nose fuselage, complete with the intake cone and pitot tube juts out of the bottom of a stairs ramp.

Sandeep Unnithan, had recently visited Akash Mess and discovered this nose from a MiG-21 displayed inside the main building.

While this was a new addition, Sandeep has also reported that the three warbirds displayed outside the mess, a Gnat, Marut and a MiG-21 had to be bought down from their poles for relocation elsewhere. The reason? apparently the Delhi Muncipal Corporation has objected to these ‘temporary structures’. Sandeep had mentioned that the aircraft would be moved to the IAF Museum.

Sure enough a few days later – Kapil Chandni on a visit to the IAF Museum found the Marut had already been shipped to the Museum and was awaiting some kind of dis-assembly.

HAL Marut D-1974 (ex-Akash Mess) seen at the IAF Museum in Palam. Note the pole mount jack still embeded in the fuselage at the bottom. -
- The other two warbirds – The Gnat and the MiG-21 seen in this earlier photo are also currently under ‘relocation’ the bottom.

Photo Courtesy: Sandeep Unnithan, Kapil Chandni (Marut Photo).

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