March 5, 2024
Vishal Kapoor sends us a discovery - A propeller of a Japanese WW2 bomber that was downed in 1943, now preserved at the Kanpur Club! Presented by none other than Mr. Irwin of the Irwin Parachute Company!....[

Courtesy: Vishal Kapoor

Vishal Kapoor recently spotted this relic at the Kanpur club. Its a propellor blade of a WW II Japanese bomber shot down over the Bay of Bengal in 1943. The type of the aircraft is now known, but a small plaque on the tip of the propellor blade informs that this was presented to the club by Mr. Leslie Irvin of the famous Irwin Parachute.

The propeller blade set in a stone base at the Kanpur Club.
The plate on top of the blade informs us that this was presented to the Kanpur Club in the year 1944 by Mr. Leslie L Irvin , inventor of the Irvin Parachute. Click to see the larger image.

Vishal had sent us photographs of both the blade as well as the Plate on the blade. Any further information on the exact details of the Japanese bomber will be much appreciated by us.

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