March 4, 2024

FlugZeug Classic Magazine’s November 2002 issue published four our Photographs on the Messerschmitt Bf-109 from Gulbarga. They have requested the pictures from Aeroplane Monthly Magazine and used it for thier story

No idea as to what the article says, but I trust its the same as what the Aeroplane Article mentions.

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Click to Enlarge Aeroplane Monthly Magazine’s October 2002 issue reproduces three of our Photographs on the Messerschmitt Bf-109 from Gulbarga.

In addition, we have been prominently linked from their website for the web exclusive story of the aircraft.

India Today Magazine’s issue dated Nov 11, 2002 issue carries one of our Messerchmitt 109 Photographs. The story written by Sandeep Unnithan investigates the ‘export’ of vintage aircraft out of India.

Warbirds of India and Webmaster Jagan both get a mention in the main text with relation to the story on the Messerchmitt 109.

The Article is available at this link



Air International Magazine Nov 2002 issue carried a news report and photograph of a Su-30MKI sent by Warbirds of India Co-Webbie Kapil Chandni. The photograph was submitted via Simon Watson of Wingman Aviation. Click to Enlarge

MagFPOct2002Cover.jpg (28924 bytes) Fly Past Magazine Oct 2002 issue carried a news report sent by Warbirds of India. A Photograph of the newly restored Tigermoth at Dundigal which was taken on the open day during the Passing out Parade was submitted and was published by Mr. Ellis.

Our Thanks to Flypast Magazine and the Editorial team for publishing the photograph and helping support this site.

Click to Enlarge Aeroplane Monthly Magazine Sept 2002 issue carried a mention of The monthly column ‘Contact!’ by Paul Coggan mentions the discovery of various warbirds in India. Paul was gracious enough to write about WoI as a ‘wonderful internet resource’.

“….India has yielded several interesting airframes over the years. Ormond Haydon-Baillie and the larger-than-life Doug Arnold, both Warbird pioneers, retrieved Spitfires ….. More recently,the subcontinent revealed a rare Hawker Hurricane MkI that Peter Vacher now has under restoration. The latest news comes from Jagan and Kapil’s wonderful internet resource Jagan recently… Click on Image on right  to read

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Flypast Magazine Mar 2001 issue carried a review of Warbirds of India in their web review section. Click the above thumbnail and read the yellow highlighted part in the larger image.

Flypast Magazine Feb 2002 issue has a suplement for Airworthy Spitfires of the word and has some rare photographs of Ex-IAF Spitfires in the derelict condition in which they were recovered for restoration. MagFP00.jpg (45868 bytes)

Daniel Ford , an Aviation Writer  has compiled the history of the Flying Tigers earlier. “Remains”  is a fictional account of a Flying Tiger during the Japanese invasion of Burma in 1942.  When the hero of this fictional book wants to take a ride to the Rangoon airfield during the Invasion, he can find only one Lysander pilot who will take him to the place he wanted to. Sqn Ldr K K Jumbo Majumdar!

Read the review at Dan Ford’s Site. The book can be purchased from Amazon



Aeroplane Monthly Magazine March 2002 issue has published a two page spread on some Gate guardians in Pakistan. The Photo feature is by Paul Harrison.

MagFlypastFeb2002Cover.jpg (15476 bytes)
Flypast Magazine February 2002 issue has published a picture of MiG-21 U-660 sent by Warbirds of India webmaster Jagan. The Magazine also published a small writeup of the aircraft.

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