March 4, 2024
Flypast Magazines Aug 2003 report carries a picture by Kapil Chandni of Warbirds of India and a small Report. -

Mag_AP_Oct03.jpg (9878 bytes) The Bikaner DH.9 makes an appearance in UK!. Aeroplane Magazine’s October 2003 issue carries a feature on Aero Vintage which is involved in the restoration of various vintage aircraft. A photograph of one of the two ex-Bikaner state Airco DH.9s is also published. Apparently two of the DH9s were procured out of which one will be restored to airworthy condition while the other is to be restored to static condition. Mag_AP_DH9.jpg (11130 bytes)

The Telegraph of Calcutta has done a Sunday feature on the MiG-21 Crashes in its sunday supplement. Kudos to them for actually acknowledging WarbirdsofIndia as a source for data in thier tables. A far cry from the practices of other publications we know!

Combat Codes – A reference book on squadron codes written by Vic Flintham and Andrew Thomas gives a couple of pages of information on Indian Air Force Squadrons. In his book, Andrew had graciously acknowledged my help even though It wasn’t much to speak of in the first place!

Mag_AFM_Jun03.jpg (11920 bytes)  

Air Forces Monthly Jun 2003 Issue has a two page photospread on Indian MiG-21 Bisons as covered by yours truly.



Air International May 2003 Issue has published a picture of a MiG-21 Bison taken by the Webmaster.

Okay, I know you are getting sick of Messerchmitt Pictures, but this is one last time we will bother you. Classic Wings Down Under  Magazine published from New Zealand featured an article on Bf-109 Survivors by Dave Mc Donald.   Naturally the Indian Bf109 carries WoI’s picture in their March 2003 Issue.
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Flypast_Apr03.jpg (16552 bytes) Flypast Magazines April 2003 report of the Spitfire discovered at Ambala is credited to Mr. Peter Arnold and acknowledgement is given to Jagan Pillarisetti. FlypastApril2003Page20.jpg (49831 bytes)

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