March 4, 2024

Rotor India, The official journal of the Rotary Wing Society of India has published an article from our sister site on the Meghna Heli Lift in its December 2004 issue. 2005RICover.jpg (17148 bytes)

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Blue Glory, The official news letter of Air HQ reproduces the article on Subroto Mukerjee from the ‘Legends’ section of Bharat Rakshak.

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Limca Book of Records 2004,  Limca Book of Records 2004 reproduced a picture of the Yokosuka Okha from the IAF Museum. The photograph as well as most of the content in the Air Force Section has been provided by this site’s webmaster.

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Vayu Aerospace Review,  in its VIth issue for 2003, reproduces two articles – Polly Singh’s Wapiti article from Bharat-Rakshak, and Sree Kumar’s Liberator Inheritance from

Vayu2003-6-T1.jpg (13780 bytes) Vayu2003-6-T2.jpg (16153 bytes)

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Military Technology,  Feb 2004 , a magazine published from Germany publishes a photo of a MiG-21 Bison  from our archives as well as a number of pictures from Bharat Rakshak. But I just wish these guys had informed us about using our photos in the first place. Miltech used nearly a dozen pictures from Bharat Rakshak, but made no effort to either inform us or send us a sample copy. This issue was picked off the footpath vendors and imagine our surprise!

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Le Fana de L’Aviation,  Feb 2004 , a magazine published from France borrows a photo and a small report from our website on Spitfire MV-459. ‘Warbirds of India’ gets a mention in the credits.


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Flypast Feb 2004 carries a one page report on Spitfire MV459 from Warbirds of India. Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava’s article on B-24 liberator forms a five part feature

WoI is also featured in the ‘Triple Whisky’ Section, the recommended Links section of flypast

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Air Forces Monthly Feb 2004 carries two pages of Attrition reports from Warbirds of India section related to both Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force. ‘Warbirds of India’ gets a mention in the credits.

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