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3BRD installs a Mi-8 helicopter on the premises of PEC Chandigarh on 29 Jan 2004. Z-1381 is the first Mi-8 to have exhausted its TTL .Various News papers have reported this story.

Mi-8 Z-1381, which was handed over to Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, being towed to the college on January 16, 2004. — Tribune photo by Pankaj Sharma

Air Cdre SPS. Virk, Air Officer Commanding, 3 BRD, Air Force Station, Chandigarh (extreme left), and Air Cdre SB Prashar (retd) hand over the log books of the MI 8 helicopter to Dr Baljeet Kapoor, Principal of Punjab Engineering College, at a function on 29 January 2004. — Tribune photo by Manoj Mahajan


PEC only engg institute to have chopper

CHANDIGARH : Courtesy Indian Air Force, Punjab Engineering College PEC) has become the only aeronautical engineering institute in the country to possess a real-life helicopter. IAF gifted a decommissioned MI-8 helicopter to PEC, late on Friday night. The helicopter, which was towed by an improvised vehicle from Air Force number 3 Base Repair Depot 3BRD), could finally be parked on a specially-constructed platform at PEC at 4.45 am on Saturday. The helicopter rolled out of 3BRD at around 10 pm on Friday.

Visibly elated, PEC principal Dr Baljeet Kapoor told TNN: “This is indeed a matter of great honour. IAF authorities wanted to give a helicopter to an educational institution and conducted a nationwide survey. What prompted our selection was our illustrious track record.” NASA astronaut Kalpana Chawla who died in the Columbia space shuttle disaster on February 1, 2003 , had been a student of PEC’s aeronautical engineering department.

The helicopter was gifted against a token payment of Rs 14,678. It would be formally handed over to PEC on January 23. Senior lecturer of aeronautical engineering K L Manchanda said, “The basics of aerospace engineering are taught to our students in third semester. Further, seventh semester syllabus revolves entirely on helicopter engineering. In the absence of a helicopter, we had no option but to teach our students theoretically with help of diagrams and textbooks. The helicopter therefore was much needed. We are the only institute with a real-life helicopter.” Dr Kapoor informed that an informal agreement has been reached at with IAF. It has been agreed upon to send PEC students to 3BRD and High Grounds for training. The annual maintenance of the helicopter would be done by IAF in collaboration with PEC. “The motive behind providing hands-on training is to encourage research and development (R&D). The helicopter and the engine which has been gifted to us would spark imagination which through R&D would translate to reality,” he said.

Meanwhile, hordes of curious passers-by and motorists poured to PEC through out the day to “touch and feel” the chopper themselves. Overjoyed students also hovered around the helicopter. A team of about 20 IAF personnel reached PEC in the morning to erect the rotors which had been removed when it was wheeled in at night.

IAF copter towed to PEC
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 16 A de-commissioned MI-8 helicopter of the Indian Air Force was towed to the Punjab Engineering College from the Air Force Station depot here late to-night. The aircraft which has been given a fresh coat of paint was towed to the college by the road.

To ensure that the movement of the motorcade was not hampered by the movement of traffic, the Chandigarh Police had made elaborate arrangements for the safe passage of the heavy machinery towing the aircraft. Police escort gypsies led the motorcade till the engineering college.

The aircraft will be formally handed over to the college at a ceremony. It took more than two hours for the motorcade to cover the distance. A special place has been earmarked for the helicopter to be placed within the college campus. Once positioned at the college, students of the Aeronautical Department will soon get hands-on experience about the structure and functioning of helicopters.

This is perhaps for the first time that the Air Force has presented a helicopter to an educational institute. The college would be paying a token amount of Rs 15,000 for the aircraft. The IAF will also be giving two TV-2 engines, which power the MI-8 along with the aircraft. While one engine will be installed in the helicopter, the other will be kept on a rig in the laboratory. Special plaques depicting the helicopter’s technical specifications as well as the history of the MI-8 in the IAF service are also being prepared by 3 BRD, which will be installed alongside the helicopter.

MI-8 helicopter handed over to PEC

CHANDIGARH : A MI-8 helicopter with two TV-2 engines from 3 Base Repair Depot, Air Force Station Chandigarh were formally handed over to the Punjab Engineering College with full honours on Thursday. The decommissioned helicopter was presented to the college by Air Commodore SPS Virk, Air officer Commanding 3BRD on behalf of AOC-in-C HQ Maintenance Command. The helicopter is not in flying condition but includes the rotors, controls, gear box and other components in working condition.

One engine is kept installed in the helicopter, the other has been provided on a transferable trolley so that students can understand structural design and interfacing of various components of helicopter.

The log book of the helicopter carrying the full record of operational flying and maintenance was handed over to the principal of PEC Dr Baljeet Kapoor. Before handing over the log books a ceremonial guard of honour as departing salute was also given. Display of radio controlled flying of aero models also added colour to the ceremony.

Air Commodore SB Prashar (Retd) who had initiated the process of presentation of the helicopter to PEC in the year 2002 also graced the occasion. Air Commodore Prashar who is an alumnus of aeronautical engineering department of PEC recalled,“When I was a student, college had one old wing of AN-12, Kanpur made aircraft and couple of engines. I missed practical experience of working on helicopter while studying helicopter engineering through books. When I came to 3 BRD, Chandigarh I thought to gift something to the students of aeronautical engineering which I missed as a student.” 3 Base Air Repair Depot, the country’s largest helicopter overhauling establishment for MI-8 and MI-17 will also provide assistance to the PEC authorities in the maintenance of Air craft.

Chandigarh Chapter of Aeronautical Society of India organised aviation quiz, caption contest, sketch making competition of MI-8 and test to name the parts of the helicopter for the students. Santosh Kumar and Sukrit Prashar grabbed first and second position respectively in the aviation quiz. In caption contest Inderpreet was awarded first prize for his caption ‘Ready to take on the enemy’ and Tushar Kant was given second prize for his caption ‘Air Force is the backbone of Indian defence system.’ Bhavneet and Monica Manocha got first and second place respectively in test to name parts of helicopter and Sukanto Chaudhary and Tushar Kant won the first two places in sketch making contest.

After the handing over ceremony all the students and guests were allowed to enter the helicopter. Students from various department made a bee line to have a glimpse of the helicopter and also posed for photographs with the flying machine.

MI-8 helicopter handed over to PEC
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 29 The Indian Air Force today formally handed over a decommissioned MI-8 helicopter to aid aeronautical studies at Punjab Engineering College (PEC) here today. The helicopter which is not airworthy is, however, complete in all respects. Two TV-2 engines, which power the helicopter have also been gifted to the college. Commissioned in 1971, the chopper was taken off from active service last year.

The Air Officer Commanding, 3 BRD, Air cdre S.P.S.Virk, handed over the log books of the chopper to the college authorities. The man who took special interest in the project, Air Cdre S.B. Prashar is an alumni of Punjab Engineering College. He is the batchmate of the India-born Kalpana Chawla, who died in the Columbia space-shuttle tragedy, Dr Baljeet Kapoor, Principal of the PEC, and Dr S.C.Sharma, Head of Department of the Aeronautical Engineering.

It was for the first time that the Air Force had gifted the helicopter to an institution, said the chief guest, Air Cdre Prashar (retd). He began work on the project during his posting at the Air Force Station, Chandigarh. In his inaugural speech, Air Cdre Prashar said, we have only books to help us understand the subject of aeronautical engineering. There were engine parts of old aircraft and couple of engine parts. The Air Cdre had decided to gift the helicopter to the college in 2002, but the project got delayed because the procedural clearance was required from the Ministry of Defence. He hoped that the students would be able to see the structural design of the helicopter.

On the request of the college authorities, the Air Officer Commanding, the 3 BRD, agreed to undertake the yearly maintenance of the aircraft at the expense of the college.

The Principal of the PEC, Dr Baljeet Kapoor, said it was great day that the college had been gifted a chopper for study purposes. He along Air Cdre S.B.Prashar and Air Cdre S.P.S.Virk inaugurated a plaque.

On the occasion, the local chapter of the Aeronautical Society of India organised a radio-controlled flying of aero models with the help of No.1 Air Sqn NCC unit. A picture caption contest, aero quiz and painting competitions were also organised on the occasion. The winners of various contests were Santosh Kumar Sharma, Sukhpreet Prashar, Inderpreet Singh, Tushar Kant, Bhavneet, Monica Manocha, Sukanto Chaudhary. A number of persons, including Air Force officers and former teachers of the college were honoured with mementoes

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