March 4, 2024
The Hurricane IIB at the Indian Air Force Museum revealed. Aeroplane Monthly Magazine scoop on the Hurricane resting in Palam.  What we thought was the best-kept secret in Indian vintage aviation, now has Aeroplane Monthly Magazine's endorsement as the 'Best Kept Secret for the whole world'. 


Aeroplane Monthly magazine has published a piece by Peter Arnold on the ‘Best kept secret in the Historic aviation world”  (Okay we thought it was the best-kept secret in Indian vintage aviation, but glad to have Peter’s endorsement for the whole world!) – the ‘discovery’ of the Moradabad Hurricane IIB and its acquisition by the Indian Air Force.  A photograph of the aircraft stored at a Hangar at the Indian Air Force Museum in Palam provided by Vikram Singh is reproduced above showing the shattered propeller blades from the forced landing.  The aircraft has been carefully disassembled for its 100-mile journey to Palam.

Also accompanying the article is a photograph by Mike Edwards  – the first ‘clear’ picture of the Hurricane at its original display location. Mike Edwards took this photograph in 2011.  It shows the fake fuselage built aft of the original engine cowlings, including the doghouse rear fuselage etc. The metal-covered fuselage actually did a good job protecting the remnants of the Hurricane’s tubular structure as shared in an earlier photo.

Hurricane Moradabad

Photos Courtesy: Vikram Singh, Mike Edwards


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