April 23, 2024
One of the few Indian Made War Movies was a movie by the name "Hindustan Ki Kasam" (Oath on Hindustan - India) which was directed by Chetan Anand in the Mid 70s. A movie with the Indian Air Force as the main theme of the action.A Gnat on a take off run. In the air Plenty of footage of the Gnats and the Sukhois is available throughout the movie   

Nick (Nakul) Shah, who is the webmaster of the Indian Air Force Site Down Under has graciously provided us with several Video Captures as well as a synopsis of the movie.

“Basically the movie is set in the 1971 war. Lots of bombing of Pak sites eg Sargodha, using Gnats and Hunters escorted by Sukhoi-7s and MiG-21s. Lots of Sukhoi shots and Gnats too. The Canberras also see action. Lots of air-combat between Gnats and Sabres, Hunters and Sabres, Migs and Sabres. But now the Pakis have got a secret jammer, which jams the communication between the incoming IAF fighters, making them easy meat to Paki fighters. “

fSu01.jpg (10557 bytes) fSu03.jpg (10365 bytes)
fSu02.jpg (8078 bytes)


Sukhoi-7s on a takeoff run (Left) and at the flight dispersal (Above and Above Left). The painting standards for the Sukhois during the 71 War and later left much to be desired.

“Vijay Anand gets killed by Pakistani Sabre. The IAF tries desperately to find where this jammer is hidden, so they send Vijay Anand’s sister(Priya Rajvanshi)as a spy. She takes the place of a Pakistani woman, who was Amjad Khan’s(Pakistani pilot & radar jammer) fiancee. She discovers that the jammer is located in the Paki TV transmitter building where she works as a singer. The IAF sends fighters on a night time sortie and successfully destroys the building, leading to Pakistans eventual surrender.”

fHunt01.jpg (8396 bytes) onl.gif (842 bytes)A Hunter on a take- off run


Another on a low level pass onr.gif (841 bytes)

fHunt02.jpg (6408 bytes)

Some surprises are there in the movie, Especially original footage of Mystere IVa’s masquerading as F-86 Sabres in PAF Markings! Till date this is the only instance recorded of Color Footage of IAF Mysteres. Too bad it was in PAF Markings.

fMyst01.jpg (8744 bytes) onl.gif (842 bytes)A Close up of the PAF Markings on an IAF Mystere.


A “PAF” Mystere on a take off run.onr.gif (841 bytes)

fMyst02.jpg (8830 bytes)

The Verdict on the movie? Nick Shah sums it up.

“The Acting was bad, perhaps a 6/10, but the aircraft shots made it worthwhile.”

More Video Capture Images can be seen at Nick Shah’s Site on the Indian Air Force.

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