April 14, 2024

Air Force Station Bathinda, as it was known then, began its life as 10 FBSU in 1975 as a lodger Units of 12 Wing AF. As early as 1975, trials by fighter aircraft of 108 Squadron were carried out to ascertain the fitness of the airfield for operations. But it took another four years for this transitory base, with a single watch ATC and first line servicing facilities to become a permanent base for fighter operations. Having undergone trials by Units from the Air Force and Army, AF Station Bhisiana established itself to be capable of undertaking all AF Tasks. The station grew in strategic importance and was elevated to status Wing on 18 Feb 80.

The station is home to four warbirds.

First up is Canberra BQ-744, photographed by Angad Singh. It is a T-4 trainer variant (T.54 in IAF Service). The aircraft was procured in 1963 as a spare trainer from the RAF, having lived in its previous RAF life as WJ859. During its previous life, the aircraft was loaned to the Royal New Zealand Air Force as well.

This aircraft was one of the last flying Canberras in the IAF, having been noted as flying in 2004 with 106 Squadron. It was likely flying during the Canberra phase-out ceremony as well.

Next up is this unidentified HAL HF-24 Marut. A photo of which appears on Google Maps. Credited to Amit Prasad

Additionally, there is a Sukhoi-7 and an unknown variant of a MiG-21 are also displayed on the base. No photos are currently available.

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