April 23, 2024
HS-748 at the NIMS University . The starboard flap is damaged and the rudder is deflected to the right – Photo by Ravi Rai.

NIMS University was established in 2008 by the NIMS University Rajasthan Act, 2008 (Act No. 5/2008) passed by the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. It was founded by Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar, who is the Chancellor of the university. NIMS originally started as the National Institute of Medical Sciences. NIMS University, located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, boasts an Aeronautical Engineering Department that offers a comprehensive learning experience for aspiring aerospace engineers. The university is located roughly 35 km north of Jaipur, along the Jaipur – New Delhi highway.

One of the department’s notable features is its collection of airframes, including the HS748 Avro aircraft and the Ryan Navair aircraft, which provide students with practical insights into aviation technology and history. Both of the airframes are displayed outside of the Engineering Building.

The two airframes as seen at the NIMS university. The engines are not present on the HS-748. Photo: Nikhil Kumar Jaiswal (2022)

The Avro’s first appearance was in January 2015, and its presence there was relatively unknown to us till the end of 2023. This example features five windows on the starboard side and four on the port side with a large cargo door. The aircraft is displayed over a large concrete platform with appropriate steel support structures below the aircraft.

This photograph from Abhitabh Bachan (2023) shows the close up fo the cockpit area and front undercarriage.

While the aircraft does not carry any markings of its origins or identity, it is suspected to be an ex-Border Security Forces operated example, with registration VT-EIR. VT-EIR languished at the Palam Airport for years before it was disposed of during the airport expansion. NIMS likely acquired this at that time.

The second aircraft on display at NIMS is the Ryan Navair aircraft, which an American-built trainer and utility aircraft from the mid-20th century.

These airframes serve as educational tools for students enrolled in NIMS University’s Aeronautical Engineering Department, providing them with hands-on experience in aircraft maintenance and performance analysis. By studying these iconic aircraft, students can develop a deeper understanding of aerospace engineering principles and apply them to real-world challenges.

A view of an HS748 similar to VT-EIR – the aircraft could well be the same airframe on display at NIMS, the configuration being quite similar.

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