April 23, 2024

Uttarlai is sprinkled with at least five MiG-21s serving as warbirds. These include the rare “Bison” and the “Mongol” variants

MiG-21M C-1546

This aircraft is displayed on the northern side of the railway track / old highway which divides the residential area from the technical area to the south of it. As with many of the MiG-21s – not too much info on its history.

MiG-21 Bison CU2228

Next up is a rare MiG-21 Bison – CU2228. At this point (March 2024), less than half a dozen Bison variants are known to be on display. CU2228 is on the southern part of the complex, away from the residential area, and just to the north east of the War memorial.

MiG-21M C1646

A little bit south of the Bison is the MiG-21M C1646. Displayed in front of a building, on what looks like a very elaborate platform with four pointed corners. Not to be confused with C1546 which is exactly 100 numbers before it!

MiG-21U U4006 & MiG-21M C-1673

Two other MIG-21s are displayed next to each other right in front of the airbase’s ATC Building. One of these is a two-seat type trainer – U-4006. Both aircraft are once again displayed with undercarraige down and on specially made platforms.

It is refreshing to see that Uttarlai resisted the temptation to stick these MiGs on a pole.. Preserving these aircraft with undercarriage down and on platform ensures the fuselages are complete and not stripped for weight preservation.

Google Map Place markers

Photos – Sanjay Simha / @velocityttl . One photo by special arrangement.

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