April 23, 2024

On display at the base’s war memorial are two aircraft with a 1971 war pedigree – a Sukhoi-7 and an HAL HF-24 Marut. A few years ago the space behind the memorial was occupied by a garishly painted Hawker Hunter – which has since been removed and its fate unknown. It is presumed that this example found its way to the Army Longewala Museum at Jaisalmer.

A more recent photograph of the memorial and aircraft has been captured by Sanjay Simha . Compared with the older photo above, note that the surroundings have changed, the base platform has been modified, and the number of names on the first plaque on the left has increased over the years.

Both the Sukhoi and the Marut, unfortunately, do not carry any identification markings. Earlier in the decade they sported a garish brown/sand desert camo, which has since been painted over in silver.

Photos of the Sukhoi-7BMK.

The Marut is representative of the fleet that operated out of Uttarlai in 1971.

All Photographs by Sanjay Simha / velocityttl

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